What is a SheEO?

Updated: Sep 28, 2019

Simply put, Its like a CEO, but Better! ...

The long version...A SheEO is a Woman who has taken charge and responsibility over her own life —While simultaneously, increasing the quality of life for her community .

The Mission

"Increase the quality of life for Humanity"

SHe strives to live her life to it’s optimum levels.

SHe is a Woman who has created order in her business as well as her household.

The SheEO is the visionary of the company and the Manager/ruler of her home.

The SheEO lifestyle is the optimum level for a woman In todays modern world.

SHe is independent, yet performs her best on a team/partnership. She serves her community and her King. SHe remains solid on her values , and her beauty is unmatched. She is active in her household, and her community.

All while wearing a smile. And sometimes 6 inch heels.

"the SheEO is a Superwoman in real life"

The SHeEO brand is a network and community of women all on a journey to be Mentally, Physicaly and Financially empowered.

As within any network, such as veins to a heart; there are many Connections.

Women from All walks of life , gathered for a cause greater than themselves.

“Increase the quality of life for Her community”

To check alignment with the mission.

She has Rules and standards in place to help her stay on track.

SHe refers to them as the SheEO commandments.

They Are as follows:


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