Mind Your Business

Updated: Oct 3, 2019

Mind your business means that SHe has individual goals & hobbies separate from external Influences.

This includes family, friends and partners( business or personal).

The SheEO is unafraid to do her own thing, even if no one else believes its possible.

The example I like to use, is one from my childhood.

Remember being on the playground? 100 kids on a 75x80 plot of concrete , all playing different games. Girls playing hop scotch & drawing with chalk.Nerds playing board games. Other girls jumping rope (Double Dutch was the game in the 90’s),

Adult life is much the same.

The SheEO either chooses to join into existing games with others. Or SHe can choose to create her own game.

Really , when you think about it, all of playground events were started by someone.Right?

In the adult world, those people go by many names ;Leader, Trailblazer,Boss etc.

Simply all they really did was “Mind their Business.“

They had a vision/purpose/ goal, they ignored the negative thoughts, and with persistence , They executed.

No matter who was or wasn’t willing to join them.

Always, just as nature has ordered it, they began to attract more people of shared interest. Which resulted in a Fun Recess.

With that being said,

Sis, Mind yo business!

To Apply this to the SheEO lifestyle. She must only take responsibility over her own faculty. Faculty being Her Mind, Body,and Finances.

Mind your thoughts.

They must only be Hers. These thoughts are Created through her self talk and the content she feeds her mind. Weather it be Social Media, Books, Or the guilty pleasure of most, Talking on the phone. She must remain in constant control of her thoughts and influences.

For her thoughts become her words. Which are the second part of a first impression.

Mind Your Body.

Have awareness over the health of your body. How’s your skin looking?How much hair are you shedding in the sink? What does the crotch of your panties look like when you use the bathroom? YES I went there!!

Its important that She maintain a healthy. balanced diet and a healthy Weight.

YES I went there Again!!

Sis, Big is not beautiful it is a physical sign of poor health

Mind your Finances.

Society has far to long set the standard that Men are to be the “providers”

I believe this still holds some truth.

A 2017 study revealed that in the U.S of all the elderly people living In poverty, 3/4 of them are women. In addition 80% of that 3/4 were Not poor before the Husband died.

What does that tell you?

As women it is Our role to maintain and Grow what the man has “provided”. RIght? Turn Seeds into babies. Turn the house into a home. Turn groceries into dinner.

So naturally we MUST also be involved in the finances.

We are Magical!!This is why Commandment #2 is “don’t be the man”. Really, Why would you wanna be?

When it comes to finances we MUST have the literacy to build and maintain wealth by the means of credit as a foundational building block. And hey, if your a woman that’s currently in a “Sponsored” relationship. Isn’t it worth while to build your credit while you still have your resource?

In conclusion, “Mind your Business” simply means —-Care for yourself at optimum levels and the doors of opportunity will burst off the henges.