Meet The Author

Yana Monet

Meet Yana Party girl, turned cereal entrepreneur.

A single mother and struggling entrepreneur, at 24 I met my business mentor.

A Brilliant, Handsome and Successful entrepreneur. Because he was very single, I married his ass!!

 Now 25 and newly wed, I became one half of Chinese owned brokering empire already worth 8 figures. 


I literally entered a new world. A world of financial freedom.

This is no life i was prepared for Being just 24 and a young mother, and now young partner/wife of an established Chinese empire .


Why the hell did i ask for this? 


Fear placed aside , I was

Determined to beworthy of such a blessing , I laced up and got I the game.

Although you can imagine how much work it takes to run such a empire. It was the Mindset i was not yet accustomed to . I had to switch from “Liability” to “Asset”. Lovingly referred to as the SHeEO Mindset.




Fast forward 

3 years , 718 tough lessons later, I’m here to share and celebrate with you that Today my mind is 1 year clean of the BULLSHIT Poor people habits, that consumed my life previously. Cheers 🥂 to Sobriety!!


I hope to help you do the same.

Join me